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Haha you're trying to compete with 2 girls 1 cup ?

This.. is...terrible

Why... why? What is going on there?


Well thanks for making this.
I guess.

Hope you make a lot of money with this ; )

RicePirate responds:

All proceeds go to the "Save the Children ... of Abobo" Fund.

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Holy shit dude

I don't have a problem with most of the stuff in the game but here's some things that would make it better IMO:

1. With "perception", indicate the direction that the C4 will blow in. Just showing it as a strip doesn't help at all. Same goes for the road spikes. Just show them as a strip instead of a little icon.

2. Don't make the car rebound so much when you crash. Right now, each crash chains you into like 2-3 more crashes.

3. The helicopter is downright unfair. He follows you so that means you have to drive straight in front of a sign for long enough for him to get in front of you and shoot at you and then and only then will he hit the sign. Basically to get him under a sign, you have to cross his path at some point and he'll shoot you. There's virtually no way to destroy him without taking damage. I've played enough to kill it like 50 times by now and I've managed to get him to crash into a sign without being shot like twice.

4. Show car wrecks with "perception" because it's pretty useless if you try to dodge the soldiers only to just crash into cars and buses

5. Put a "reverse". When you come to a halt in front of a bus / truck, you can't get out and you just crash into it... so weird

6. Maybe put a health bar? Or optional one? It's easy enough to tell if you're close to dying but it's hard to know what causes what kind of damage. Since it's so impossibly hard to avoid taking damage, it would at least be useful to know how to take LESS of it : P

I've played until I had all the upgrades and just finishing the first mission is just about impossible. Admit it, it's ridiculously hard : D
I don't know if it was meant to be that insane for just "The Great Escape". If that's the easiest mission, then I don't even want to know how hard the rest is haha.

That being said, it's a really immersing and addicting game. You can tell a lot of work went into the audio and the graphics, but sadly most people won't see most of it because they'll just die within 5 seconds of playing : P

Evil-Dog responds:

Pox my friend I think you just suck real bad at the game hahaha
The zombie apocalypse is not for wussies :PPP


Those tiny little purple ones that comes like 30 at a time are a serious problem.
They cause 95% of all my deaths. BOOOO

EpicShadow responds:

Level up your piercing ability and they're done for.

Pixel style? Byaahh

In the future, if you want to make a pixel game, here's how:
- In photoshop, draw everything with the pencil tool. Then turn it into a .gif. Then export that into Flash and publish your flash document at 200% of its original size.

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Possibly the best thing ever

I mean I'm no expert or anything even if I've won 5 Grammy awards and was a judge on American Idol for 2 seasons but in my opinion, this is the single greatest piece of music that any human has ever created.

But hey it's just an opinion.

Rig responds:

And it's the best opinion and should be everyone else's opinion.

Naughty boy

Excellent use of time.

Be sure to tell us when the movie comes out!

PsychoGoldfish responds:

we're still in negotiations with Keanu Reeves

Great : )

Keep that up, this is one helluva good beat, and it loops great too.

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This is full of radness. Congradulations.

deathink responds:

Your pretty RAD yourself X__X

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