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New Game - Bionic Chainsaw Pogo Gorilla!

2014-02-24 20:45:55 by poxpower

Play this sweet game we made for Adult Swim! Finally a game with an ending that isn't designed by soulcrushing designers with the sole purpose to keep you leveling up useless stats for days on end to get imaginary rewards!  This game is just about murdering. Everyone can get behind that! Now watch this guy play our game and lose his mind:


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2014-02-24 22:48:57



2014-02-24 23:26:53

fun game , now please put it on newgrounds and be sure to add medals. Then I will be happy and your newgrounds fans will be happy too :).


2014-02-25 09:21:38

This game is hilariously fun! <3


2014-02-25 14:39:33

Looks metal! I'll check it out.


2014-10-05 09:08:50

Damn, you haven't said boo here in 8 months! Poxbox looks dusty too :\ Your GF handcuff you to the bed, or does she retain you for valet/concierge services when she's on the job? Don't make me sic Sevenseize on you....

poxpower responds:

I'm super fucking lazy basically