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Weird Foods

2013-07-29 19:31:45 by poxpower

I'm going to talk about a bunch of the weird foods I'm making myself eat this year.

I'll make more...later.

Have you ever tried this stuff?

Weird Foods


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2013-07-29 20:03:52

Was not a huge fan of the green elf juice.
I love to get loaded off Ceaser's, though!


2013-07-29 20:42:43

great read! now do balut next

poxpower responds:

Haha oh god. I don't even know where I'd find that around here though...


2013-07-29 20:46:31

Not gonna lie, I laughed my ass off at the way you described things haha! You got some balls man not gonna lie, props. I'm sorry you had to put yourself through tha tmutilating torture, i was shocked at the bird's nest soup....ewww. Why do people like this stuff? Anyways I'll be interested to see more, would be cool as a video series too, to see your reactions as you intake this poison.

poxpower responds:

They think it has medicinal properties, it's not supposed to taste good... And it doesn't taste good so :p


2013-07-29 20:46:45

eh, it's alright.


2013-07-29 20:59:23

whats up with the url?

poxpower responds:

What do you mean?


2013-07-29 21:05:45

Ha! I see no benefits to these things, except MAYBE the mollusks. It's just how the health department hasn't cracked down on McDonald's, the past 5 years they changed something to make most people who eat certain products SICK. Lol


2013-07-29 21:41:17

Try fried frog legs if you haven't before. Its pretty good


2013-07-29 21:58:40

its complicated, why not a simple /what/weirdfood

poxpower responds:

I dunno, php and shit. Oldschool.


2013-07-29 22:02:29

Hahaha, that was great.
Now try to get your hands on some Surströmming.

poxpower responds:

Dear lord haha gross


2013-07-30 00:22:14

Isn't that "Green Fairy" a strong liquor that causes hallucinations?


2013-07-30 01:18:01

.php3 is old school, that url is just...wrong!


2013-07-30 07:11:47

Absynth, pff thousand of times. It`s one very good psychadelic :)

poxpower responds:

No it doesn't actually do anything other than getting your really drunk. It never did.


2013-07-30 11:02:09

I never tried the absinthe here in the States... was illegal in the US for the longest time. Wonder if the stuff on the shelf now is legit, or a piss poor parody of the EU version for legal reasons.

@mindchamber fertilized (chicken) eggs? eew, bloody. Chili verde is the chanciest dish I've had lately. Well cooked critter meats don't count in my book, so along as they were once mammals. Some of that seafood and the bird's nest soup (which I'd like to try at least once) is awfully irky looking... and smelling, I'd imagine :p

poxpower responds:

It's as real as it gets.


2013-07-30 13:15:09

surstromming? pshh. Try hakarl.

poxpower responds:

You know I might as well get a hobo to diarrhea in my mouth at that point.


2013-07-30 14:56:02

lol. How about sesos? ceviche? chapulines?


2013-08-01 14:08:38

Uh, when did you turn into an upside down woman with blue eyes? GF hack your account?