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Evolvo Plus!

2013-02-08 16:46:19 by poxpower

After a slight delay, Evolvo PLUS is out!
Play it here:

It has the latest NG passport features and a whole bunch of extra stuff. Read about it here:

Thanks for the great response to the first one, I was really surprised at how well it did. It was one of the first games I had ever coded by myself to learn AS2 back in 2008 :P
I worked on it and the PLUS version for hours on end, not even seeing the time pass by. Those are the times when I feel lucky this is my job!
But not the times where I'm yelling at Flash for being stupid and fucking with me >:(


Ok go play this now. Then go read about the time I made beer cupcakes:
Yes, they were awesome.

Evolvo Plus!


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2013-02-08 20:45:40

for some reason it froze just after i got the beat medium medal. the movie clips were still going but the fish wasnt going anywhere and i couldnt interact with anything or quit.

poxpower responds:

I have no idea where this comes from, I cannot replicate it. It works fine for me every time... Hmm..


2013-02-08 21:15:37

So far so good.


2013-02-08 21:59:57

Also, Luis has a point. I can't unlock the ending after beating the game. I tried it on both easy and medium.

poxpower responds:

I uploaded a new one, try again. I have no idea how this is happening :P
Try using "ENDINGVOLVO" as a cheat too to skip to the boss and beat him ( you have to enter it both in the first game more and then again against the boss ).
Let me know...


2013-02-08 22:18:47

It stopped right after I beat the game...


2013-02-16 23:39:12

Oh hai... what smells so fishy? Oh, it's just you! What the carp?! ;P