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2013 - Year of lists. Join me!

2013-01-07 00:10:57 by poxpower

This year my resolution / challenge is to complete these 3 lists: ear

Imdb's top 250 movies ( as of Jan 1st 2013), FB's 100 foods challenge and FB's 100 candy challenge.
Join me or try to do as many items as you can from these lists before the year is over.

If you have other lists to suggest to me which I could include, let me know.


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2013-01-07 00:28:36

I might try that movie one. Would it be cheating if I only saw movies that I've never seen before? I've already seen a lot of the films on that list.

poxpower responds:

Yeah the point is to fill out the list, so don't rewatch what you've seen :p


2013-01-07 01:29:12

It's gonna be hard for your fat ass to do the candy one and the weight loss one


2013-01-07 01:29:13

It's gonna be hard for your fat ass to do the candy one and the weight loss one

poxpower responds:

Nah it'll be fine. I waste a lot of calories cycling. More than 100 candy bars can provide.


2013-01-07 02:12:09

You're in for some oldie treats when it comes to the movies! Never saw Casablanca or the Maltese Falcon? Time to get some Bogart action going on (not to mention Peter Lorre)!

poxpower responds:

I did see the Maltese Falcon, it's pretty boring. There's a few of the older movies that are decent at least. But a lot of shit. Lots of shit in the new movies as well.
Warrior? ZZZZZ


2013-01-07 09:26:46

Yeah man, I am with VicariousE. There are some REAL awesome movies on that list Casablanca, seven samurai and the list goes one... And how have you never seen the wizard of OZ?

poxpower responds:

Wizard of OZ looks like pure shit. People who spontaneously burst into signing have mental issues. Haha. I did watch 12 Angry Men yesterday, that was awesome.


2013-01-07 11:30:58

I'm doing something similar this year.. But I'm challenging myself to read 50 books this year. There's a list of books that I've always wanted to read, but never made time for. So I've decided to start checking off some things on that ol' bucket list and start by reading all the books I've wanted to read.

Also* Make the next movie you watch "Casino". That movie is amazing. Almost as good as "Good Fellas".

poxpower responds:

What books are you reading?


2013-01-07 11:44:41

Man I only hit 54 on the foods list, although there were a few I think I have had but didn't have a good enough memory of to count... I gotta get crackin' or eatin' really.

poxpower responds:

Order a big case of Kobe beef with a bucket of truffles for Pico day this year ; )


2013-01-07 12:28:40

Yeah, I think Rocky Horror Picture show is the only musical I like...I am more amazed at the fact that you managed to avoid it for so long :D
It is a great movie but the singing is REAL painful, so I guess just read the book.

poxpower responds:

It didn't play as much on tv here I guess.
That movie does not look like it aged well. At all.


2013-01-07 13:10:25

76 candies. I have yet to grow up.


2013-01-07 14:21:52

I would do the candy one but I don't know where to find a Zagnut, So I guess I could play the 100 best videogames ever and try to beat them I dunno, Also Morel Mushrooms are somewhat hard to find and don't taste any different

poxpower responds:

Yeah I know... I know.
Good luck on the games, that would be a massive time investment, way more than the movies : D


2013-01-07 16:02:04

i will do them all and do them before you, including getting down to 155 pounds, despite that making me underweight. it's on, good sir.

poxpower responds:

Ok I'll need a before and after pic.


2013-01-07 18:06:52

alright, you called my bluff. i don't want to lose that much weight. but it is a personal goal to beat you through the lists.

poxpower responds:

Haha ok, I should update it every month or so, you can see how you're doing compared to me. The candy part might all get done within a very short timespan as I live in Canada and cannot buy all those candies here : P


2013-01-07 18:45:42

play every game known to man and take the nuzlocke challenge on pokemon

poxpower responds:

That's insane, no one has even finished one game of Risk or Monopoly in the history of mankind.


2013-01-09 11:37:46

I keep reading your name as "FoxPower" for some reason.

Must be a childhood memory.


2013-01-09 14:15:50

Are you going to do the top 500 lists next year?

poxpower responds:

What top 500 lists?


2013-01-09 19:09:36

I mean compile a list of the greatest lists of all time to form one giant superlist?


2013-01-09 20:26:39

Let me know where you end up finding morel mushrooms. I've heard they're good and no one around here sells them. I love alligator. Down here we eat it fried pretty often, but it's just as good marinated and steamed or seared. And biscuits and gravy, make sure it's the white pepper gravy with sausage (crumbled).I have tried squirrel and do not care for it at all. I don't like soft shell crab either. My final score on the food was 61. I got 82 on the candy list. I had only seen 64 of the movies and Jurassic Park is really the only one that matters to me. Ok. and Star Wars

poxpower responds:

They sell dehydrated ones at the grocery store here. I tried it yesterday deep fried in batter and butter. Man, so good! The earthy taste and texture of the mushrooms works really well in the rich overly fat batter haha.
They are expensive though. Like 1$/gram or something ( dried).

Oh man you need to hook me up with squirrel and alligator somehow.. damn those will be so hard to find here.